Mixer Packages

What Equipment do you need to capture Your Performance ?
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The Main Kit is perfect for:
Narrative Films

Setups with a sound team, not ideal for "one-man-band" narrative shoots 

Scenes that have longer tracking shots and require extended wireless range

Music videos and scenes that require basic speaker playback and reference audio recorded alongside the music

Creating a quality mix track that can be sent directly to camera 
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The Mobile Kit is perfect for:

Car scenes where the mixer needs to be "bag dropped"

Scenes that may require the bag to be worn ENG style for fast moving setups 

Locations that are not easily accessible (Lots of stairs with no elevator, mountain trails)

My Mini kit is perfect for:


 4 channels or less recorded

Shoots that want to keep the setup simple


"Passion Projects" that have limited budgets(This kit is not "cheaper"in quality but contains fewer troubleshooting and time saving tools than the other Kits)

Additional rentals

Sennheiser Camera Hop: $50/day

Additional Denecke Timecode Box: $50

Timecode slate: $50

Comtek (1 TX, 2 Receivers): $50

SAnken Cub-01 Plant mic: $35/ day

Zoom/ Voice of God speaker kit.: $50/day
(Includes focusrite scarlet interface, bluetooth/ powered speaker, and 1 handheld mic. Computer not provided)