Boom Operator Package

Everything in my boom operator kit to perfectly assist my mixer on set:
  • VDB Boom pole. cableless for boom plugon, with a breakaway flow cable for hardlining. ​
  • Internally coiled K-Tek Classic pole
  • K-Tek stingray hip pack filled with mic drops, and accessories to assist with wiring
  • Boom op fanny pack with a backup shock mount, quick release tips, and cables
  • Custom plant mic rig for hiding the mic both high and low on set for wide shots. 
  • Boom stand with backup xlr cables 
  • Model 2 Fisher boom with Model 3 base. Collapsible wheels to fit through standard 30" doors.  (Must decide if the fisher will be used 24 hrs prior to call time and discuss transportation and on location staging plans before brought on set)
Mixers, Call to discuss what you need me to bring to compliment your Sound Package and how I can best assist you.
Producers/ Directors who want me to boom for you, connect me to your Production sound mixer or if you dont have one yet, let me refer a good mixer your way.