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Ala Carte Additional Rentals:

Additional Lectrosonics Wireless and Lavs: $50/ TX

Sennheiser Camera Hops: $50/  receiver

Additional Denecke Timecode Box: $50

Sound Devices 744 for 4 additional inputs: $150

Sennheiser wireless for additional inputs: $50/ set


Main Kit Includes:
Sound Devices 788T and CL9
Up to 7 Channels of Lectrosonics wireless & Sanken cos 11D lavs
Lectrosonics Wireless boom
Comtek TX with up to 5 comtek receivers
Sharkfin antennae's to increase wireless mic range
1 Denecke Timecode Box, And Denecke Timecode slate
Sennheiser "Boom" mics for diffrent situations
Rechargeable Batteries and AC power adaptor for kit​​

Mic Mounts and Lav accessories
Boom pole
MAc with Sound Devices Wave Agent controller
Zoom f8 Redundancy backup recorder
Video monitor for mixer reference 

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camera hop.PNG